Insect Protein

Zihanga Limited Organic Insect Protein (1)

Zihanga Insect Protein Nourishing Livestock, Sustaining the Planet Zihanga Insect Protein, where we revolutionize animal nutrition with a sustainable and nutritious protein source. Our insect protein products, derived from black soldier fly larvae, offer a game-changing solution for livestock and pets. Our products are rich in protein and fat content, offering a nutritious and environmentally […]

Organic Frass Fertilizer

Zihanga Limited Organic Frass Fertilizer

Zihanga Black Soldier Fly Organic Frass Fertilizer Nourishing the Earth, Enriching Your Crops Zihanga Organic Frass Fertilizer is a high-quality product that is produced through a natural and sustainable process. We use black soldier fly larvae to break down organic waste from slaughterhouses and markets, resulting in a nutrient-rich fertilizer that contains 21 essential nutrients, […]