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“Empowering Sustainability, Enriching Earth.”

At Zihanga, we are a youth-led company dedicated to making a difference in organic waste management and promoting a greener and healthier planet.

Our bioconversion process, utilizing black soldier fly larvae, enables us to turn organic waste into valuable resources.

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Witness the impact of our recycling efforts, converting over 1,000 tons of organic waste into bio-fertilizer and animal feed.

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Black Soldier Fly Lifecycle

Egg Stage

Female black soldier flies can lay hundreds of eggs at a time. These eggs are small, oval-shaped, and usually laid in clusters.

Larva (Maggot) Stage:

The most crucial phase of the black soldier fly life cycle for converting organic waste into valuable resources such as frass fertilizer and insect protein.

Black Soldier Fly Pupa Zihanga

Pupa Stage:

A transitional stage during which the larval transforms into the adult fly. The pupa appears dark brown or black and resembles a small, elongated capsule.

Black Soldier Fliy Adult Zihanga

Adult Fly Stage:

They have a short lifespan of about 5-8 days and do not feed during this stage. Instead, their primary focus is to mate and lay eggs for the next generation.


Our high-quality organic frass fertilizer and insect meal protein, enrich soil health, enhance agricultural productivity, and support food security in Kenya